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There's no such thing as an average day when you have employees working in the middle of the ocean or in response to a pandemic. See how we help customers manage their workforce by adapting with advanced technology and smarter decision making.

More than 200 employees redeployed at Buehler's

Buehler’s Fresh Foods redeployed their entire workforce of over 200 from their restaurant locations to stock, shop, and deliver groceries for their community. Dayforce helps keep their team informed, house up-to-date resources, save hours by tracking communication and employee statuses, and onboard and train their evolving staff.

Danone's 15% pay increase in under 12 hours

When COVID-19 hit, Danone’s first priority was taking care of their team and community. In under 12 hours, they used Dayforce HCM software to implement an automated 15% pay increase for all front-line workers, while continuing to track workforce changes, shift production, and manage schedules on demand and in real time.

Marshall Health gives their caregivers the best care

Marshall Health has a diverse workforce of over 1,400 employees from 70 healthcare specialities. When the pandemic hit, they had to shift staff into new roles, change priorities, and alter how they worked. Dayforce HCM software has allowed them to make important changes to payroll and benefits, while keeping the lines of communication open.

How Trident Seafoods does more than stay afloat

Trident Seafoods has some of the most complex needs with seasonal change, plants around the globe, and a workforce in the middle of the Bering Sea. Here's how they manage it all with one single solution.



Our top priorities are making sure people get paid accurately and that we are compliant in all of our locations globally. And Dayforce helps us to do both.

– Jen Horton, VP of HR, Aquent

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