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Dayforce Workforce Management helps organizations improve performance, reduce labor cost and align the workforce with corporate goals.

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Time & Attendance

Dayforce Time & Attendance provides organizations with the tools they need to automate employee time tracking, streamline timesheet maintenance, and automate the calculation of gross pay.

  • Automate calculation of all Federal, State, and Provincial gross pay rules in addition to company specific shift premiums.
  • Reduce gross payroll by validating all punches against schedules at the clock. 
  • Manage by exception to minimize time card review cycles.
  • Available Dayforce Touch timeclock provides an intuitive tablet-based device for capturing employee time and attendance data.
Absence Management

Dayforce Absence Management enables organizations to easily calculate employee entitlements with robust configurability, manage time away requests and approvals with self-service capabilities, and track or cascade balances as employees use their accrued time.

  • Employees can request time off – and managers can view and approve - using their PC, tablet, or mobile device.
  • Dayforce enforces minimum balances and black-out periods (such as critical business days) at the point of entry, eliminating miscommunication and error.
  • Approved time off is automatically reflected on schedules and time cards, and can be reviewed or adjusted at any time (subject to manager approval).
Labor Budgeting

Dayforce Labor Budgeting helps organizations replace multiple, complex spreadsheets and bespoke budgeting tools with a powerful, flexible solution. Make changes to your budget at any level in the organizational hierarchy, perform what-if analysis, and view the complete impact in real-time.

  • Plan your organization’s labor budget using the key performance indicators (KPIs) specific to your organization.
  • Track operational performance in real-time, comparing budget data with actual performance at the corporate, regional, or individual location level.
  • Reduce labor costs with full visibility and control your organization’s labor model and improve forecasting accuracy.
Weekly Planning and Scheduling

Weekly Planning & Scheduling Dayforce HCM

Take the guesswork out of labor planning and optimize coverage based on operational targets. Empower managers to respond to mid-week changes, and start proactively aligning schedules with budgetary guidelines and anticipated demand.

  • Use budgeted, targeted and forecasted metrics to produce weekly labor plans.
  • Gain detailed visibility into the KPIs most important to your organization. 
  • Align store managers to your labor models throughout the entire schedule planning process.
Task Management

Dayforce Workforce Management Mobile

With Dayforce Task Management you can easily create tasks and assign them to specific business units, locations, departments, and employees.

  • Assigns tasks to stores with automatic impact on labor coverage requirements.
  • Allows store managers to assign employees to tasks and to provide updates on task completion status.
  • Provides above store managers the ability to monitor task completion progress across stores and provide feedback.
Touch Timeclock

Dayforce Touch Time Clock

Dayforce Touch provides an intuitive, graphical user experience for capturing employee time and attendance data. Combined with built-in self-service functionality, our tablet-based device is a compelling alternative to traditional punch clocks.

  •     Clock In, Out, Meals, Breaks, Transfers
  •     Enforce California Meal Breaks
  •     Review hours worked
  •     View future scheduled shifts
  •     View entitlement balances
  •     View Schedules
  •     View / Modify Availability
  •     Receive and Send Messages
  •     Request Time Off

Learn more about the Dayforce Touch Timeclock features for employees and managers, the hardware itself and see a demo here.

Watch this preview to learn how Dayforce HCM can help you find and hire the right people, process pay, manage benefits enrollment, maintain HR records and schedule staff while monitoring compliance through the employee lifecycle.

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