A great employee experience begins with recruiting

Dayforce Recruiting provides a simplified and streamlined recruiting process for candidates, hiring managers and administrators. Identify staffing needs, create job requisitions, and find and hire best-fit candidates.

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Make recruiting and hiring easier for recruiters, managers and candidates

Talent Communities

HCM Recruiting

Talent Communities provide recruiters with a user-friendly method for identifying current or past candidates. Results are listed in order of match quality, enabling recruiters to easily identify potential candidates for open job requisitions.

  • With a variety of search and filter options, results are listed by best match. Recruiters can easily find best-fit candidates.
  • Dayforce Recruiting returns a ranked list of candidates, sorted by how well they match against the search criteria.
  • Recruiters can take advantage of keyword searching to find candidates. For example, if the recruiter is looking for someone with sales experience, they can simply search for “Sales.”
Candidate Experience

The Candidate Portal within Dayforce Recruiting can be embedded into your organization’s Careers page. Candidates can easily find the right role, and then apply in 4 easy steps.

  • Candidates can quickly identify potential positions using either job title or keywords, and by entering the city they would like to work in.
  • Candidates are able to upload a resume, enter one manually, or apply using their LinkedIn credentials.
  • Applicants can be required to answer qualifying questions that recruiters have established for the job in question, or any additional information not included in their resume.

Dayforce’s integration with Indeed enables you to seamlessly place job postings on Indeed to help find the right fit for your organization quickly, efficiently, and with minimum hassle. Candidates can easily apply to open jobs directly on Indeed.com at their convenience from any device at any time.

Requisition Management

Dayforce Recruiting Requisition Management

Dayforce Recruiting gives hiring managers and recruiters complete visibility into all the current and past job requisitions. Summary analytics and a detailed activity log provide timely, actionable insight into requisition status.

  • Simplify the job requisition process by minimizing the amount of information that must be entered, ensuring speed, accuracy and consistency across job requisitions.
  • To replace a vacating employee, the application automatically populates the job requisition form with the details of the position based on the employee selected.
  • Automatically and instantly route the requisition for approval according to your defined process.

Watch this preview to learn how Dayforce HCM can help you find and hire the right people, process pay, manage benefits enrollment, maintain HR records and schedule staff while monitoring compliance through the employee lifecycle.

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Nebraska Book Company transformed talent acquisition and their whole human capital management function with Dayforce HCM.

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