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Cascading Goals

HCM Performance Management Cascade Goals

Align the efforts of the entire organization towards a consistent set of goals. Goals are cascaded from the executive level downwards, allowing managers to adapt the goals to reflect the nature of their team function.

  • Create SMART Goals that can be cascaded from organization level or manager level to employees.
  • Ensure employee contributions match the goals set by the organization or by their manager.
  • Increase collaboration between managers and employees on goals by fostering continuous feedback.

HCM Performance Management Conversations

Dayforce Performance Management facilitates a continuous conversation between employees with their peers and managers, occurring in the context of goals aligned with the organization.

  • Conversations take place in relation to a goal, and occur between any users that have visibility into that particular goal.
  • As performance records are updated with new information, conversations are generated automatically. This encourages ongoing feedback and discussions as teams work towards their goals.
  • Employees are able to view and participate in their performance management conversations and processes every day, using the same system they access their pay, view their schedules, and other common processes.
Coaching and Development

HCM Performance Management Coaching

Ensure employees and managers have access to the tools and information they need to provide consistent, useful coaching and identify personal and career development opportunities.

  • Invite peers and other managers to review and/or provide feedback on employees.
  • Improve dialogue and continuous coaching opportunities through mobile access.
  • Provide meaningful feedback and coaching to help employees achieve their career goals.

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