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With a single application for time and pay, eliminate interfaces and batch payroll processes to gain the accuracy and flexibility you need.

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Get the visibility and compliance you need for payroll processing

Employee Self-Service

Dayforce HCM Payroll Processing

Enable your employees to view and manage their pay information anywhere, any time. With access on the web or via mobile, employees have the data they need at their fingertips.

  • Employees can view their pay breakdown as an easy-to-read graph, or access their full statement of earnings for additional detail.
  • With an unlimited pay history, employees can review the current pay period or navigate to any previous pay period to view past pay information
  • Self-service capabilities to manage direct deposit details and view or print year-end tax forms
Real-Time Fix and Preview

Real-Time Fix & Payroll Preview Dayforce HCM

With Dayforce Payroll, administrators can preview net pay, make edits and adjustments, and view results in real-time with no batches - to ensure accuracy and compliance prior to committing.

  • Administrators can view a live preview of any employee's earning statement at any time while making changes to payroll, viewing the results of any edits or adjustments presented in context
  • Provides a roll-up of all earnings, taxes, and pre-tax and post-tax deductions for the pay group, with drill-down capabilities to view individual employee records
  • Powerful view and filter capabilities enable administrators to quickly and easily find the information they are seeking.
  • Make changes right from the employee slide out panel without needing leave the Payroll module to edit time entries.

To see these kind of improvements in your payroll processing, build a business case for new payroll software.

Robust Audits

Dayforce Payroll Robust Audits Screen

Dayforce Payroll includes standard and configurable audit reports that help administrators identify and resolve issues before committing pay. Administrators no longer need to generate static reports and sift through printed copies to assure quality and accuracy in their payroll.

  • Leverage out-of-the box audit reports, for active employees not paid, missing information, or zero-dollar checks, to satisfy standard audit requirements
  • View audit results within the Dayforce Payroll application, or export to Excel for further analysis

Real-time audits will save you time and money and can be used in a business case for new payroll software.

Watch this preview to learn how Dayforce HCM can help you find and hire the right people, process pay, manage benefits enrollment, maintain HR records and schedule staff while monitoring compliance through the employee lifecycle.

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