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Dayforce Compensation Management provides managers with the tools to effectively target, and maximize, the impact of employee compensation.

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Better Decisions

Dayforce Compensation Management - Better Decisions

Dayforce Compensation Management provides managers with tools and information they need to make better award decisions. Leveraging data from Dayforce HCM in real-time, managers can view guidelines, historical compensation information, and dynamically updated budgets to help reward the right employees appropriately.

  • Leverage peer comparisons and award guidelines
  • Dynamically adjust budgets based on awards
  • See historical awards pulled in real-time from Dayforce HCM
  • Use tools to visualize pay equity, penetration in range, and other decision factors
Open Collaboration

Dayforce Compensation Management - Open Collaboration

Agreeing to what is the right reward for an employee takes more than guidelines, it takes teamwork and communication.  Dayforce Compensation Management enables managers and senior managers to work together to help ensure budgets are being used to drive the greatest impact.

  • Automatically highlight compensation increases that are out of range
  • Leverage flexible workflows to share information and drive consensus
  • Document reasons for exceeding guidelines
Ease of Administration

Dayforce Compensation Management - Ease of Adminstration

Compensation professionals need to build rules and frameworks to enable managers to make the best use of their compensation budgets. Dayforce Compensation Management eases their burden by leveraging information already in the Dayforce HCM system and providing tools to build guidelines, budgets, and workflows.

  • Define budget and budget rules
  • Align salary bands, performance guidelines, and award recommendations
  • Leverage process, budget, and exceptions reports
  • Define flexible approval workflows

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