To Improve Global HR, Understand Data and Processes

Recently, global strategic advisory firm The Hackett Group found only 25 per cent of multinationals were happy with the technology they have in place for global payroll. The key to modernizing global human resource management and payroll lies in better data management practices and investment in cloud technology.

Understand Global HR Data Sources & Processes

Dig in to identify and understand key HR and payroll data categories and how they apply in different countries, as well as the source of each data type. Map the processes that capture the data. Although this sounds straightforward, many international HR organizations struggle with data sourcing and process identification around the world. In a recent study, Hackett found data integrity to be the biggest global payroll challenge for most firms. Once you understand global HR data sources and processes you can make more informed decisions about technology and process optimization.

4 Types of Global HR Data

Number OneEmployee data, such as basic demographics, base salary or rate, address and bank details

Number TwoElective data, such as benefits elections, wage attachments, car allowances and variable compensation

Number ThreeWorkforce management data, including time and attendance data and employee absence information

Number FourDocuments, such as employment eligibility documents (I-9s in the U.S.), signed work contracts and verified sick notes.


3 Critical Questions for Global HR & Payroll Processes

Number OneDo existing systems and processes support accurate, timely submission of data for each country?

Number TwoAre Payroll, Operations and Finance functions aware of their role in accurate global HR and payroll processes?

Number ThreeHow many data elements are tracked manually or in a single-country system?

Once you’ve identified your global HR data and processes, you’ll be able to see both gaps and redundant work that introduce errors, compliance risks and may limit your growth. Build a business case that illustrates this and present to corporate leaders across finance, operations and international human resource management functions.

Plan to Improve Global HR Data Management Practices

Time to Improve Your Payroll Processing with Dayforce HCMA single global HR system can provide visibility throughout the HR process, as well as simplify and standardize processes change management. Cloud-based global HR software enables you to consolidate multiple HR, mobile, payroll talent acquisition and performance management systems into a single HR system of record.  Before you implement a cloud-based international human resources management system, understand whether the new system is flexible enough to adjust to differing processes and data elements in each country.

A cloud-based global human resource management system:

  • Simplifies future upgrades and maintenance – everyone is on the same code, and all project team members are working from the same script
  • Reduces total cost of ownership through economies of scale and the specialization cloud vendors can provide
  • Enables IT and organization leaders to focus on their business, not application hosting. Many of the early concerns that surrounded cloud technology, including privacy, security and reporting, have long since been mitigated.

Resist Temptation to Lift and Shift

In addition, processes should be optimized while implementing any new system to unlock the value of the investment. Many firms struggle to improve processes when implementing new software, preferring the path of least resistant by copying existing processes into new systems – otherwise known as “lift and shift.” Take the time to re-engineer and streamline your human resource data management processes as you implement a new global HRMS system. One area where this can really have an impact is employee self-service, a feature of human resource management systems that many multinationals underuse. Allowing employees to view and update their information reduces the burden on HR and increases data accuracy, while empowering employees with additional visibility and control. With the widespread adoption of mobile technology, those entering the workforce will expect a consumer-quality self-service experience.

By taking the time to understand global HR and payroll data and streamline data management processes, multinational organizations can take advantage of new cloud-based human resource management software, increase visibility, reduce risk of non-compliance and drive business results.

Dayforce Global Solutions enable you to be compliant in today’s global marketplace. Get global payroll and workforce management in one effective solution.