The Ceridian XOXO Customer Success Program recognizes Human Capital Management professionals who exemplify the spirit of the XOXO program. Recipients have not only transformed their own business with Ceridian solutions, but they have engaged other professionals to share best practices, making them an invaluable industry thought leader.

Chrissi Steffani-Wardlow, Underwriters Laboratories

Chrissi Steffani-Wardlow

Payroll Manager

Underwriters Laboratories

Underwriters Laboratories

The XOXO Customer Success Program team is delighted to recognize Chrissi Steffani-Wardlow, Payroll Manager at Underwriters Laboratories, as our featured Human Capital Management Professional of the Month.

Chrissi has been an active member of the XOXO Community since November 2016. She hit the ground running at Underwriters Laboratories by quickly getting up to speed with how their Payroll team implemented Dayforce, what their current day to day procedures were and how to springboard things to the next level by gaining additional system knowledge – quickly – as joining a company during the 4th quarter is quite a challenge for many who are not newbies! She immediately turned to the XOXO Community to learn the quickest and most efficient ways to use the Dayforce system to its fullest potential for her company, matching up with other successful companies in the program. As time went by, so did the expansion of the Dayforce system within UL.

Chrissi has helped lead a new project by spearheading the rollout of Dayforce and some added modules to their new location in Arkansas. Chrissi wasted no time in giving back to the community. She is now active on the hub assisting other companies with their XOXO Match needs – quickly becoming a leader amidst being a newbie herself just 6 months ago. She is very excited to get more into speaking opportunities within the XOXO community and is very much looking forward to her first INSIGHTS conference later in 2017. Underwriters Laboratories promotes safe living and working environments for people by the application of safety science and hazard-based safety engineering. Chrissi and her team have adopted that same approach within the payroll department for their internal customers – their employees – by keeping their Dayforce environment one they can depend on for numerous business needs and requirements.

Congratulations Chrissi, and thank you for your ongoing contribution to the XOXO program and community!