Press Release

Ceridian Monitors Hurricane Irma

Minneapolis, MN, September 8, 2017

Ceridian is taking precautionary measures to protect employees, infrastructure and operations from potential impacts from Hurricane Irma. We are closely monitoring Irma’s path and intensity as we take steps to prepare for any potential effects on our business. During this process, the company’s priorities are the safety of employees, infrastructure and meeting the needs of customers.

Information for customers

Following latest NOAA hurricane center guidance, Ceridian is developing plans and preparations under the assumption there will be a major hurricane landfall in Florida with tropical storm affects in our local area as early as mid-day Saturday and hurricane affects into early next week. Our primary concern is the wellbeing of all our Ceridian employees.

Ceridian has multiple offices that support our business. Our planning assumes that offices in the hurricane path may be shut down and work/calls will be routed to other offices. Ceridian will route the calls or on-line requests to the appropriate resources. 

From an operations perspective, our plan includes, but is not limited to, the following precautions and actions:

  • Moving some staff out of the state of Florida and providing backup support from alternate Ceridian locations
  • Encouraging local employees to telecommute and work from home to reduce travel time and consumption of limited gasoline supplies
  • Relocating Ceridian print facilities to alternate geographical locations so that printing can move (real time) to other offices that are not in the hurricane path 
  • Offering clients in the hurricane path the ability to change payroll input dates and delivery to prevent any impact by the hurricane. If a client wishes to revise their payroll input dates and delivery location, please call your support contact.
  • Reviewing our Disaster Recovery Plans; plans will only be activated if there is loss of network or data center connectivity. 
  • Ensuring that the Ceridian campus is equipped with generators and can run at full load for six days

For more information

Clients should call their current support phone numbers or use the current on-line portals for service and support.

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