Security Alert: Fraudulent Phone Numbers

August 4, 2016

Today the Ceridian Social Media team was alerted by Google Alerts that the Ceridian name was published with a phone number purporting to be the Ceridian Support phone number.  A quick search for this number returns several different web pages, where the number is referenced as belonging to Ceridian technical support.  This phone number is being used to re-direct Ceridian customers as well as customers of many other companies and is being used by fraudsters to attract users in need of technical support.   When called, those who answer the phone identify themselves as “Tech Support”.   Once the caller references a specific company, the fraudulent tech support personnel ask for user credentials.

Ceridian has engaged a third party to see whether this phone number can be disabled.  However, even if we are successful, it is likely other phone numbers can, and will, be assigned and this attempted fraud will continue.

Please refer to the Ceridian support team phone number that you would normally use. If you are unsure of the number visit the Contact page on this website for a valid number.