Massive Ransomware Outbreak

Updated: May 22, 2017

Early the morning of May 12, 2017, organizations began reporting a widely spreading ransomware infection.   While the initial infections begin with phishing emails, the malware also is capable of spreading by hunting for vulnerable machines within a network. Within a few hours, over 45,000 infections were reported in over 30 countries.

Ceridian has been monitoring the spread and behavior of this malware to ensure we can appropriately protect against infection. We have taken several precautions including:

  • Issuing a global alert to all employees.
  • Ensuring that anti-virus software is up-to-date.
  • Confirming that the monitoring software Ceridian has in place is capable of detecting and eliminating the virus.
  • Conducting a review of the patching status of all workstations and servers and ensuring patching is up to date.
  • Engaging mail, IPS, and proxy providers for their support and validating with key vendors that their systems can identify and contain the malware.

At present, Ceridian is not aware of any infections within our network. Ceridian technical teams continue to closely monitor our network.