Tech for good

When designed and deployed responsibly, technology has enormous potential to improve the lives of people and to strengthen the relationship between them and their employers

Innovation and impact

At Ceridian, we have a history of innovation that makes a lasting impact, and we make it our business to innovate responsibly and ethically. We believe that technology can be a powerful force for good, and that’s our aim with every innovation.

Dayforce Wallet

The new world of work requires employers to be dynamic and creative to attract and retain the talent they need. Dayforce Wallet is a modern way to pay employees by providing on-demand access to their earned wages. By providing greater flexibility, convenience, and access, Dayforce Wallet enables families to better cover both everyday expenses as well as urgent or unplanned costs that come up before the traditional pay day.

Dayforce Talent Intelligence

Dayforce Talent Intelligence is a powerful suite of transformative talent solutions powered by AI and machine learning. This technology enables fair, equitable, and efficient talent decision-making, while measuring the effectiveness of diversity, equity, and inclusion efforts.

Dayforce People Analytics

Dayforce People Analytics empowers leaders with real-time actionable insights to better manage and support their employees. Decision-makers are now able to better understand whether current policies and practices are working, including efforts to attract and retain top talent, improve diversity, equity, and inclusion, bolster engagement, and reduce turnover.