The complete guide to succession planning for small businesses

How can succession planning set your small business up for the future?

In a world of quick wins and unpredictable ups and downs, it’s hard to see the short-term benefits of planning your future talent strategy. Succession planning is often overlooked, especially when it comes to business-critical roles that aren’t leadership positions.

Succession planning is essential for small businesses to ensure business continuity and provide employees with growth opportunities. But according to Deloitte’s research, just 14% of leaders believe they do it well. 1

This guide will provide actionable steps to build a succession planning model that helps set your business up for the future, preserve knowledge, and provide employees with career growth.

You’ll learn: 

  • How the right approach to succession planning can help you meet your business goals and retain your top performers
  • How to avoid common challenges and setbacks when it comes to succession planning
  • Tips for developing succession plans that set your people up for success


1 Deloitte, The holy grail of effective leadership succession planning, September 2018

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