Payroll audit guide for small businesses

Is your small business prepared for a payroll audit?


Payroll audits exist to promote tax compliance by verifying that the information your small business submitted to different agencies is accurate. However, being selected for a payroll audit doesn’t necessarily mean your business has done anything wrong. For example, you may have been selected for an audit due to participation in the federal government’s Temporary Wage Subsidy (TWS) or the Canada Emergency Wage Subsidy (CEWS) program. Some provinces also conduct audit blitzes in certain industries that have historically been in violation of the provincial legislation.

Small businesses are managing a lot of moving pieces on a day-to-day basis, which is why we’ve created a guide to simplify the payroll audit process and help you better prepare should your business be selected for review. You’ll also get a free payroll audit checklist to ensure you have everything ready for the audit process.


Download the guide to learn:

  • What to expect when selected for review
  • What information and documents you’ll need
  • A list of fines and penalties of non-compliance
  • How to stay on top of payroll compliance year-round
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