Customer Stories

Jackman Community Daycare gets peace of mind with Powerpay

Powerpay improves accuracy and compliance of non-profit's HR, payroll and compliance processes.

Jackman Community Daycare is a non-profit childcare center that has been an integral part of their school community for more than 30 years. They are licensed to provide care for 214 children ages 3-12. A Nursery School program gives sixteen 3-year-olds a head start to their school experience. Children are guided by skilled Registered Early Childhood Educators (RECEs) who establish a flexible program in an inclusive, supportive, and non-discriminatory environment.

Small businesses face payroll challenges

Many of the daycare’s staff are funded through different grants requiring different coding and processing. The hectic pace of the daycare and the desire to offer a safe and comfortable learning environment for the children need to be the focus — not the administrative tasks of paying employees. Ensuring compliance with regulatory requirements is critical, but can also be time-consuming and stress-inducing.

Ceridian Powerpay improves accuracy and compliance of Jackman’s HR, payroll and compliance processes through automated technologies. The payroll solution for small businesses offers access to knowledgeable payroll and tax resources. Powerpay includes seamless Year End services that enable the director to easily provide statements to her employees, the auditors and the City of Toronto. The payroll software also provides the director with peace-of-mind that her employees will be paid in a timely and accurate manner.

Powerpay cloud payroll delivers results for non-profit

By using Powerpay cloud payroll, the non-profit center can easily track hours by different grant categories. Recently,the director had to add a government grant category and Ceridian staff worked with her to get the language and assignments setup as required. Jackman staff can quickly run payroll with the intuitive software, and saves time conducting audits and is confident that the daycare is appropriately deducting and remitting in compliance with laws and regulations.Working with Ceridian means there is an accessible expert help when needed. When the director has made errors or needed to make changes, the Ceridian small business payroll experts have been helpful and friendly in walking her through the process.

According to Spreitzer, “Most of the time I can submit payroll for 30 people in about 5 minutes from start to finish. The online program is easy to manage and user-friendly.”