Consumerizing the employee experience

How best-in-class companies will create an experience that employees really want



Investing in and designing EX

If your employee experience (EX) was a subscription service like Netflix, Uber, or Spotify, how likely is it that your employees would re-subscribe?

Employees today expect their experience at work to be comparable to that of their experience as consumers – an experience that’s personal, tailored to their needs, and is synced at every touchpoint.

Best-in-class companies will attract – and keep – their top talent based in part on how well they differentiate themselves with employee-centric EX. This report, which is a deep dive into one of the ten trends in the Ceridian Market Perspectives 2019 HCM trend report, explores how.


The business value of EX

In recent years, the concept of employee experience has steadily moved up the list of company priorities. This greater focus on EX also aligns with HR’s changing role of becoming a more strategic partner in businesses. About 83% of HR leaders say that EX is either important or very important for their organization’s success. Further, companies that invested most heavily in EX were included 28 times as often among Fast Company’s Most Innovative Companies, and 11.5 times as often on Glassdoor’s Best Places to Work list.


Designing an excellent EX


Make it easy for employees to consume HR services by adopting intuitive tools and technologies, like Learning Experience Platforms and virtual assistants.



Put employee-centric processes in place that integrate various HR areas instead of forcing employees to deal with disjointed HR services and technologies.




Provide HR services instantly and removing unnecessary waiting periods, such as with on-demand pay services.



Make HR processes unique, relevant, and responsive to each employee’s situation, instead of a one-size-fits all approach.




Use tools and processes that allow employees’ opinions to be captured and acted upon, like evolving engagement surveys and performance management to be more frequent and include continuous feedback.



Make it easy for employees to access HR services and technologies, especially for today’s highly mobile workforce (Food for thought: 95% of Americans now own a cellphone of some kind).




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