2023 Pulse of Talent | Canada

The strategic advantage of redesigning career paths

Canadian employees don’t want flexible jobs – they want flexible careers

At a time when career ambitions have changed, burnout is rampant, and work-life balance is a valued job attribute, one thing is clear: Canadian employers must offer career flexibility to retain their top talent. 

Ceridian’s 2023 Pulse of Talent survey revealed that 87% of Canadian workers have felt stuck in their job in the last year – but not all of them are eager to leave their organization. Nearly all flight-risk respondents in Canada (86%) said they would consider staying for internal career opportunities. 

Designing career paths that align with changing employee expectations has never been so critical – and our data reveals big benefits for Canadian employers that are willing to do so.

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  • Our top survey findings on what Canadian employees want today
  • What career flexibility means and why it’s critical to retaining your workforce
  • Five tips to design new career paths for the new world of work
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