Time and attendance software

More time managing, less time tracking

Manage your people's time more efficiently and ease compliance worries

Improve data accuracy and save time with a small business time and attendance software that connects directly to your payroll.

Simplified time keeping

Configure and maintain pay and balances for holiday pay, vacation, overtime and other employee pay policies – limiting manual calculations. Powerpay small business time and attendance software helps you maintain compliance with employment standards and gives you the insight to minimize overtime costs.

Automated time sheets

Employees' clocked hours are automatically linked in Powerpay to schedules and payroll, so you don't have to manually enter payroll information each time. Small business time and attendance software helps reduce mistakes, re-entry, and data duplication.

Mobile time management

Review, edit, and approve employee timecards from any place, at any time. Employees can punch in and out, view recent punches and perform work transfers without having to access a shared computer, kiosk, or physical clock.

Engage and retain your employees

Improve employee access to scheduling to give them more visiblity and control over their work week. Employees can request time away from work, view schedules and update availability, giving them more autonomy which helps to engage and retain them.