HR software for small business

Get HR data at your fingertips

Less time on form filling and tracking, more time in your day

Eliminate paperwork and improve operational efficiency by simplifying and automating HR-related tasks with Powerpay small business HR software.

One convenient online location

Powerpay gives you a simpler, more streamlined way to manage your employees with small business HR software that integrates with your payroll. You’ll have easy access to your employee information and documentation in one central online location. Enjoy a simpler way to do HR tasks and manage your people.

HR simplified

Reduce manual processes and paperwork with a new cloud platform that makes HR tasks faster and easier. Powerpay small business HR software is powerful because it automates those out-of-date processes. Created in tandem with our small business customers, our goal is to make your work life a little better.  

Reduce time spent on people management

With less time spent on form filling and tracking, both you and your employees will have more time in your day. A faster way to complete HR tasks means more time for you and your employees to spend on other areas of your business. Imagine what you can do with extra time.

Empower your people

Empower and engage your employees by allowing them to complete HR tasks themselves. This frees up you or your HR personnel to do the many other tasks you need to do in a day. You’ve invested time to find the right person for the job - here’s an easy way to help you keep them.

Manage time off more efficiently

Streamline your leave management process by making it easy for employees to request time off. Powerpay helps you manage approvals in a single application so you can keep track of your people’s time while staying on top of legislative requirements.