Time and Attendance

Manage compliance while empowering employees

Time and Pay are better together

Dayforce Time and Attendance is the only solution with Global Payroll available on the same platform. While most platforms support gross pay calculations, Dayforce supports instant net pay calculations as well. Deductions, taxes, and garnishments are accounted for as soon as time is entered or updated.

Manage labor expenses through automation

Get a good grip on your largest expense: labor. By automating time and attendance tracking, busting the budget can become a thing of the past.

Track time more precisely

With mobile geofencing, you can ensure your employees are paid for their work activity no matter where they’re scheduled to work.

Record employee punches

No more buddy punching physical time cards. Track the right hours worked with biometric fingerprint timestamping to help prevent lost wages.

Use proactive alerting

Help reduce the cost impact of schedule changes. With instant alerts, you can stay informed on employee absenteeism and unplanned overtime.

Track attendance patterns

Real-time reports show you where there are patterns of tardiness or unexplained absences, so you can proactively address them.

Help relieve your compliance challenges

  • Survey employees at the clock to attest to meal breaks, shift changes, or even handwashing.
  • Ensure the right person is punching in at the right time through fingerprint biometrics and facial recognition.
  • Prevent your workforce from punching in before they’ve had adequate rest between shifts.
  • Use time collection data in real time to ensure pay policies are followed.

Ceridian scored highest for compliance
in the 2021 Gartner® Critical
Capabilities for Cloud HCM Suites for
1,000+ Employee Enterprises

Empower your hourly workforce

Visibility and flexibility

Avoid surprises by giving employees the ability to view and validate their scheduled versus actual time worked. Plus, employees have multiple, convenient ways to enter their time worked.

Dayforce Assistant

With friendly voice and chat commands, your employees can make time-off and scheduling requests right on their phones.

Dayforce Wallet

With Dayforce Pay and Time on a single, global platform, you can pay employees their earned wages as soon as the end of the workday.

Frequently asked questions

If applications are only “unified” or integrated instead of on a single platform, you may experience lags in your data calculations, an inconsistent user experience, and weakened analytics from splintered data. On-demand pay may be impossible.

A truly single system has one database, provides a consistent user experience across modules, and offers continuous, real time net-pay calculations versus batch processing.

Often, an integrated HCM system requires you to bridge gaps between modules by transferring data between them. For instance, you may need to manually transfer time data in a batch to the payroll module before processing payroll. This can be hugely time-consuming and inserts room for errors.

In a single system:

  1. Each module should be demoed on the same domain or a similar URL.
  2. The user interface should provide a consistent, similar experience.
  3. You should be able to calculate net pay in real-time for a complete picture of today’s labor expenses. If you are only able to calculate gross pay or future labor expenses, you are using an integrated system.

"We’re finding that most employees in our stores don’t have computers or laptops anymore, and they’re able to do absolutely everything on their phone… It’s really empowered them.”

Sr. HR Advisor, La Vie en Rose

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