Recruiting and Onboarding

An enhanced experience powered by artificial intelligence

Smarter, faster talent acquisition

With Dayforce, a candidate's data automatically becomes an employee record when they get hired, streamlining all the major aspects of onboarding. Automate tasks, match candidates to roles that best suit their skills, and set new hires up for success with fast, integrated onboarding.

Recruit smarter, not harder

No more sorting and sifting through a mass of applicants or not having enough. Maximize your efficiency and accuracy with AI that screens, ranks, and matches candidates to roles. Move candidates through the hiring process effortlessly, and automate tedious and time-consuming tasks.

Improve candidate engagement

Give today’s talent the modern experience they expect with a faster, more personalized application process. Connect with talent quickly through SMS to help increase response rates.

Make more equitable hiring choices

Help reduce unconscious bias at the top of the recruitment funnel with automated screening that ignores applicants' names, ages and gender. Plus, with skills-matching, you can expand opportunities for your candidates by suggesting jobs they didn’t know they were qualified for.

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Integrated onboarding

With automatic data transfer from Recruiting, Dayforce helps create a seamless transition from candidate to employee, streamlining all the major aspects of onboarding.

Make it personal

Create welcoming experiences for new hires and existing employees moving to new roles. Connect them with their team, a mentor, and other key employees.

Minimize paperwork

Online forms make it possible for new hires to complete onboarding paperwork faster and focus on their core job responsibilities sooner.

Address compliance

All forms and workflow approvals are completely configurable, creating a consistent and repeatable onboarding process that helps you stay compliant.

Simplify enrollment

Employees can enroll in benefits directly from the onboarding process. Give new hires a sense of security and an understanding of their full employee package.

Highlight culture

Before day one, get new hires engaged and excited about joining your organization. Highlight your culture with embedded video and personalized welcome messages.

Stay flexible

Your onboarding experience should be as flexible as your workforce. Employees can complete onboarding tasks on the go from their mobile web browser.

“Consolidating all three systems had a large impact on our company. We saved two days of processing time to onboard new employees. We also reduced system costs by $224,000 annually.”

HR Systems and Operations Manager, CorePower Yoga

Frequently asked questions

Dayforce Recruiting uses AI to instantly screen and shortlist new applications. A candidate’s education, experience, skills, location, and responses to screening questions are used in the screening decision. Chatbots, mass actions, and auto-triggered actions reduce manual effort, making it easier to fill open roles faster.

Yes, our anonymous screening algorithm ignores name, age, and gender and looks at a candidate strictly based on their skills and experience, helping to reduce conscious and unconscious bias and allowing for a more fair and transparent hiring process.

While we offer an end-to-end set of talent acquisition and talent management modules as part of our HCM system, you can purchase any of our talent modules individually or as a full suite based on your organization’s goals and needs.

We help you go live quickly through our proven implementation process based on best practices and experience with thousands of past deployments. Once live, you’ll be continuously supported by customer success, education, services, support, community resources, and experts to help you be successful.

A key differentiator of Dayforce is its single database. This means a single employee record is created from the first point of contact during the recruiting process, which extends throughout the entire employee lifecycle. This improves data accuracy and helps you save time and money since you no longer have to maintain multiple solutions.

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