Career Explorer

AI-assisted career planning and skills development

Prepare for the reskilling revolution

Put skills at the center of your talent management strategy with Career Explorer. With the assistance of AI, machine learning, and your internal talent data, Dayforce Career Explorer helps you fast track your employees' career growth and build a more agile, resilient workforce.

Increase internal mobility

Help employees see a future within your organization by making internal opportunities more transparent. With AI-enhanced matching and recommendations, Career Explorer aligns employees with internal roles that match their skills, experience, and interests – helping you save on the costs of recruiting external talent.

Upskill at scale

Using machine learning and automation, you can identify and focus on building the skills that matter to your workforce – helping you upskill your people with ease. Career Explorer clarifies the path to upskilling by showing your employees next steps to build their skillsets and tracks their progress.

Future-proof your workforce

Stay agile with skills insights at your fingertips. Understand the skills you have within your organization today and where there are gaps – so you can prepare your people for the future of work. Identify where you can source skills internally so you can help your business quickly adapt to change.

Empower your employees to own their career development

Provide your people with the tools they need to own their career development.

AI-enhanced skills analysis

Career Explorer uses an open, standards-based skills inventory enhanced by AI, making it easy to identify and categorize skills.

Tailored career plans

Employees can see the next steps to take to reach personal or recommended development goals with reminders to keep them on track.

Job and opportunity matching

Match employees with open opportunities based on their talent profile, skills, and interests with personalized recommendations and notifications.

Improve retention with clear career paths

Retaining your top talent starts with helping your people achieve their career aspirations. According to our 2023 Pulse of Talent report:


of flight-risk respondents said a clear career path makes them more loyal to their employer


of flight-risk respondents would consider staying if their employer offered growth plans


of flight-risk respondents said they see clear career paths with their current employers

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