Payroll Features

Pay people accurately, on time, and when they need it

An always-on payroll system that automates payroll processing and integrates funding and payment services for added convenience

Icon featuring dashboard dial representing how payroll features drive efficiency

Drive efficiency

Eliminate manual, tedious, and outdated processes to keep your data accurate and your team efficient.

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Mitigate risk

With flexible rules, better manage compliance complexity and policy requirements to help reduce risk.

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Support wellness

Boost productivity and promote financial wellness by enabling employees to get paid on their terms.

Continuous calculations

Preview net pay, make edits and adjustments at any time during the pay cycle, and view and audit results in real-time. Take advantage of an automated, unified payroll engine that delivers zero-to-net pay results instantly, keeping your data clean and accurate, and your team efficient.

Compliance management

Address complex payroll and tax requirements via configurable rules, which help you apply legislative and organizational policies, proactively flag potential compliance issues, and reduce risk. Applicable funding and taxation requirements are built-in to save time and help stay on top of changes.

Dayforce Wallet

Enable financial wellness and productivity by giving employees access to their earned wages on-demand, at no extra cost. All requests factor in the appropriate taxes, deductions, and garnishments, so employees have access to their true earned pay.

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