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From day one, your success is our top priority

We help you maximize the value of your Dayforce investment

Achieve measurable success from day one with Dayforce. With expert guidance and the right resources at the right time, we deliver an implementation focused on your needs. We also provide continuous support to help your organization reach its goals.

Get up and running fast

From implementation and beyond, we provide the individual support you need to reach your goals.


Customers who use Dayforce Activate tooling for their implementation submit 50% fewer support tickets than customers who don't use Activate.

Education and training

Get comprehensive training from experts to prepare your teams for a successful rollout, and to ramp up new employees.

Services to guide you all the way

After Dayforce go-live, our services help bring the right expertise to your organization. We provide tactical and operational guidance, reduce payroll and benefits admin, and support long-term success.

Value-added services

We help you get the most out of Dayforce by working with a consultant. They’ll work with you to understand your goals and objectives, provide education on how Dayforce works, and guide you through configuration and best practices.

Managed services

Ceridian can take on payroll and benefits administration so you can focus on your core business. You’ll have a single point of contact for a consistent support experience, and we’ll help you process pay, administer off-cycle events, handle hires and terminations, and navigate year-end.

Tax fulfillment services

With more than 40 years of experience processing payroll taxes, you can count on us for your tax filing needs. Save time by reducing the burden of tax-related administrative tasks. Reduce the possibility of non-compliance fees for late filings.

Technical Account Management services (TAM)

Maximize the value of your Dayforce investment with tailored TAM services. Our highly skilled industry and technical experts will proactively monitor, recommend, and help optimize your system so you can achieve continuous success.

Connect with peers and experts
to achieve your goals

Customer success

Get focused guidance throughout your journey, from year one “firsts” to annual events. Our customer success teams ensure you have access to the right tools, knowledge, and training. 

Ceridian Community

Building self-sufficiency has never been easier. Connect with Ceridian and peers and access self-service resources through our always-available online community. 

Get comprehensive global customer support

Our global support team is here when you need it. We proactively engage with you to assess how we can help, saving you time and stress.


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Proactive support reach-outs per month


Annual customer retention rate

Frequently asked questions

Dayforce Activate is our technology-enabled tooling that helps deliver success from day one, by helping you go live quickly using our proven implementation process. It’s based on our deep experience and best practices gained from thousands of past successful deployments. You’ll collaborate with implementation experts to increase your readiness and strengthen your self-sufficiency and understanding of Dayforce. By using common workflows and configurations, you can help make sure your organization will go live smoothly and on time.

Ceridian offers an implementation approach - called Dayforce Accelerate - where qualified midsize organizations can go-live with the most critical functionality in as little as 3 months.

We help you go live quickly and successfully using our proven, best-practice-based implementation process and our highly experienced team of professionals. They provide quality, consultative guidance in a collaborative manner, giving you more control of the experience.

During implementation, you will see Dayforce in action, helping you make the right decisions and realize immediate value. And, teams begin training early with access to education and the Ceridian Community to help ensure success at go-live and beyond.

Once live, you’ll be supported by customer success, education, services, support, and Community resources and experts to help you achieve measurable success throughout your Dayforce journey. Ceridian services help you build self-sufficiency and reduce risks and costs by augmenting your team with extended resources. Our Customer Success leaders help you to continuously maximize value from Dayforce, and our global support teams are there when you need help or deep product knowledge. You will also become part of a greater whole through the Dayforce Community, where you can connect with your peers and product experts.

We designed our services to best fit the needs of our customers and empower teams. We offer consulting services to augment your teams with extended resources to help guide you through your first year with Dayforce, manage change and projects, prepare for and manage key organizational events, and much more.

Our Managed Services can include payroll and benefits administration so you can focus on core business objectives. We also include tax services for complex or time-consuming tax projects. And our Technical Account Management services include a value-focused technical advisor to help large organizations achieve their business goals. To learn more about our services, visit this page.

We provide comprehensive global support with a team of technical product experts to back you up when you need it, and we have the customer satisfaction scores to prove it. Technical product experts work quickly to not only troubleshoot and fix issues, but proactively monitor customer environments and reach out when they see a problem.

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