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Partnering for success

The Ceridian Customer Success program, affectionately branded “XOXO,” is key to our customers’ human capital management success. XOXO represents Ceridian’s commitment to extend value to our customers far beyond the Dayforce product. XOXO engages customers personally to advance them professionally.

How it works

Sign on with Dayforce and get access to a network of customers, and a world of valuable resources. The XOXO program provides customers with an assigned representative and access to the XOXO Hub to help them navigate a path to success.

Customer Success program representatives will make sure each Dayforce stakeholder in an organization receives the benefits of the Ceridian Customer Success program.

Representatives will:

  • Provide proactive coaching and regular touchpoints to support your success
  • Facilitate networking with Ceridian and HCM professionals 
  • Provide the right assistance at the right time

The XOXO Hub

The online XOXO Hub is where customers can go to review and participate in valuable opportunities. Each activity is designed to deliver intrinsic benefits while also being gamified with fun XOXO points.

XOXO Hub benefits:

  • Receive ongoing educational information to keep you ahead of the HCM curve
  • Connect and network with other HCM professionals
  • Collaborate with Ceridian on the next generation of Dayforce products and services
  • Receive recognition for HCM successes and thought leadership
  • Redeem XOXO points for great rewards like INSIGHTS conference registration

Join XOXO Program

2018 XOXO Award Winners

Ceridian announced the winners of the 2018 Ceridian XOXO Awards during our annual customer forum, INSIGHTS 2018, in Las Vegas, Nevada. The annual awards program recognizes organizations that have realized outstanding return on investment with Ceridian's products and services.

Submissions for the XOXO Awards were evaluated on one or more of the following metrics depending on the chosen category: operational efficiencies gained, increased productivity, reduced turnover/absenteeism, improved/measurable impact on employee engagement, and outstanding focus on compliance.

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