Stay ahead of compliance challenges

The faster the world changes, the harder it is to maintain compliance. Here are a few top compliance issues, and resources to help you tackle them.

Complex and ever-changing policies

The pace of change in employment laws and government policies shows no signs of slowing. Organizations are managing the impact of the pandemic, changing governments, and labor and tax laws that differ between in each country, region, and city.

Nations around the world have enacted over 1,100 reactive compliance updates since the beginning of the pandemic

U.S. Chamber of Commerce

Growing compliance risk and cost

As uncertainty grows and maintaining compliance becomes more challenging, organizations face greater risk. Compliance errors can cost companies big in the form of fines and penalties, brand damage, and even lost productivity.

of respondents to one study expect the personal liability of compliance officers to increase in 2020

Cost of Compliance 2020, Thomson Reuters

Less time to focus on the future

As the scope of compliance activity starts to creep, you have less time for other work. Every minute your team spends trying to keep up with changing requirements is time they’re not focused on your core business, your people, or the future.

latory changes via a manual process

Retail Ethics and Compliance Survey 2018, Deloitte

See how our customers simplify compliance

Restaurant Growth Services moves fast and stays compliant during COVID-19
Aquent streamlines payroll for 5,000 remote employees globally
DeRoyal Industries changes focus while keeping people safe and paid

A smarter approach to compliance

The secret to managing risk without letting compliance work take over is investing in a solution that helps automate some of the work, while still giving you visibility and control.

Streamline your daily workforce compliance tasks

The right workforce platform can help simplify everyday tasks so it takes less effort to maintain compliance across your organization. Common tasks like scheduling and payroll can take less time to complete, while minimizing the likelihood of costly errors.

Simplify the work of applying new laws

Whether it’s a change to employee tax laws or a new COVID-19 policy, your platform should be one step ahead of what’s going on in the world. Save time and lower risk by partnering with compliance experts who study legislative changes, and build capabilities right into your workforce platform.

Safeguard your employee and business data

Keeping data secure is more important than ever, and the penalties for failure are high. Choose a technology partner that follows accepted data privacy and management frameworks, such as GDPR, for collecting, handling, retaining, and deleting data, while maintaining alignment to ISO standards.

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Right technology, right partner

Dayforce is a modern, full-suite platform that can help you manage compliance, outsmart change, cut through complexity, and create real, measurable value.

Combined time and pay

Time and pay live in one application in Dayforce, transforming the pay experience and compliance.

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A unified platform

One platform with a single database to give your team greater visibility and control with less effort.

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One global view

Access employee data from around the globe to help streamline work and manage risk from expansion.

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