Report an ethical, legal or accounting issue

Please report an Accounting, Corporate Governance, Ethics or Legal Issue by using EthicsPoint. To submit an anonymous report through EthicsPoint, you may do so via or call a country-specific phone toll free number: 

  • In the U.S.:  1-844-620-5859 
  • In the U.K.:  0-800-89-0011
  • In Australia:  1-800-551-155 (Aus Optus); 1-800-881-011 (Aus Telstra)
  • In Canada: 1-844-620-5859
  • In China: 400-120-4726
  • In Germany: 0-800-225-5288; at the English prompt, dial 833-623-0604
  • In India: 000-800-0502-201
  • In Malaysia: 1-800-81-9663
  • In Mauritius:   01 120; at the English prompt, dial 844-620-5859
  • In New Zealand: 000-911; at the English prompt, dial 833-623-0604
  • In the Philippines: 1800-1 -322-0305
  • In Singapore: 800-492-2250

For all other inquiries, including customer support issues, please use the most appropriate contact listed on our Contact Us page.

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