May 23, 2017

Three reasons you should take your kids to work

At Ceridian, we think of our employees as family. Lots of organizations say that, but for us it really holds true. Many of our employees have worked together for 10+ years, while others have been part of several start-up organizations together and lived to tell about it!

And with that sense of family comes a commitment to want to know our employees’ “real” families – the people that share them with us Monday through Friday. That’s why last month we decided to open our office doors to our employees’ kids and welcomed them for an amazing day at Ceridian.

This day was like the national “Take Your Kids to Work Day” events which happen across North America, but we opened it up to a broader age range (10 to 16 years) and did it the Ceridian way!

Here’s why we’ll be doing this again next year:

It showed our employees we care about them and their families

And, based on the almost 200 kids who joined us across North America on April 4th they really appreciated our caring. In our experience, a happy parent is a happy employee, and as you can tell by the photos, our employees (the ones taking all the pictures!) were happy and proud. The effort of planning a program is far exceeded by the appreciation felt by the parents of the students who attend.

We introduced kids to coding

Just about everywhere you look these days, you’ll read an article or story about the value of teaching children about technology and the increasing demand for workers in this area. As a tech company, we understand well the challenges of finding top talent in this field, so we decided to start our talent pipeline young! Along with our partners from “Ladies Learning Code” we offered a 90-minute workshop that taught the kids how to build a video game using Scratch. While the 10-year-olds are not quite ready to be recruited, it’s never too early to plant the seeds for an awesome career.


Kids get to understand more about their parents’ jobs

And we believe that can lead to more conversations, more awareness and, hopefully, stronger relationships between our employees and their kids. One of my favorite stories happened when one of our senior leader’s son told him that he had never realized that his Dad actually had two titles and a pretty important job. His son grew a new appreciation for what his Dad does each day, and Dad gained a bit of pride that he might be considered “cool” by his teenage son if even only for a few minutes!

Planning an event like Ceridian’s “Take Our Kids to Work Day” takes teamwork and a commitment from senior leaders to support the day’s activities. We also rely on amazing employees in all of our offices to step up to facilitate and host the activities of the day.

However, watching the kids show their parents the games that they built and enjoying the proud smiles of our employees makes it all worthwhile. And, creating great experiences and fun memories are what families do.

Lisa Bull

Lisa Bull is Vice President, Talent Development at Ceridian where she oversees learning and development, performance management, onboarding, and diversity, equity, and inclusion (DEI) programs globally. 

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