October 31, 2017

Want to retain high performers? Boost loyalty with learning

Here we explore the importance of learning and development opportunities for creating loyalty amongst employees and high-performers.

The rules of work are being rewritten, and learning has become a trending topic over the last few years.

Just how important are learning opportunities in keeping people in their jobs? 91% of U.S. high performing respondents in Ceridian’s 2017 Pulse of Talent listed these opportunities as extremely or somewhat important.

The business benefits of providing learning opportunities are well-documented, as is the fact that learning increases employee engagement. In particular, in today’s “always on” landscape, creating a culture of continuous and real-time learning is a priority for leading organizations, spurring the need to update the traditional learning infrastructure to make learning part of the broader and on-going employee experience.

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As noted* in Deloitte’s 2017 Global Human Capital Trends Report, “The impact of the fourth industrial revolution is fundamentally changing the nature of work and the meaning of career, and making it imperative to constantly refresh one’s skills…when it comes to learning, the organization’s role is to create the environment and systems to allow employees to constantly learn and relearn.”

Employers are already moving away from a one-size-fits-all approach to learning initiatives, instead implementing new models and technology platforms that offer up relevant content in context for the employee, throughout the employee lifecycle.

In the context of the employee experience, “learning is the hub at the centre of the employee experience, connecting to activities, such as onboarding, daily work or career pathing, while also supporting critical compliance,” says Andrew Shopsowitz, Ceridian’s Director of Product Management.

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Key Tips for Learning and Development Opportunities:

  • Don’t offer learning and development opportunities just for the sake of being able to say you offer them
  • Tie learning and development directly to career growth
  • Tailor education and experiences to help employees advance their careers

“It comes back to this idea that when you provide education opportunities directly tied to their career growth, employees feel you have their best interests at heart, rather than your own – which is necessary in creating loyalty,” says Lisa Sterling, Ceridian’s Chief People and Culture Officer.

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Danielle Ng-See-Quan

Dani is the Managing Editor, Content Marketing at Ceridian.

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