February 10, 2017

How to Create Your Employer Brand Recipe

In today’s world of work, every business needs a compelling employer brand. A great employer brand is an organization’s gateway to top talent. Whether it’s a small local business with a big future or a Fortune 500 company with a massive global footprint, an employer brand helps an organization define who they are, their values, and what they can offer to prospective candidates. If we compare a good employer brand to a delectable culinary dish, a good employer brand would be the secret ingredients that bring out that extra oomph in flavor.

So what are those flavorful ingredients? To be attractive to new talent, organizations need to offer more than a good compensation package and lots of vacation days. In today’s workplace, top candidates want to learn more about an organization’s culture, values, the leadership team, and strategy for employee and personal development. These are just some of the things now considered fundamental to a good employer brand.

In part one of this four-part series, we’ll look at the value and importance of culture and how it plays an integral part in the development of a good employer brand.

Culture Drives Employer Brand

Glassdoor survey revealed 76% of respondents want the details on what makes the company an attractive place to work. Culture is often one of those details prospective candidates want to learn more about. When my colleague and fellow Product Marketing Manager, Celine DuPuis, joined Ceridian two years ago, she researched what Ceridian was all about.

Celine was looking for an employer that presented a great workplace culture and had a well-defined moral stance and demonstrated values. She was fortunate to know a few people working at Ceridian and reached out to them to inquire more. From her discussions, all she heard was positive comments. She was sold on the opportunity to work for Ceridian, as she learned more about the employer brand and Ceridian’s unique culture.

Today, her work experience at Ceridian has been a great journey and she says with great enthusiasm: “The people here are always willing to help. They’re smart, energetic, and really care about each other. It’s nice to come into work happy, knowing you’re working in a positive team environment.”

The 2016 Deloitte Human Capital Trends study revealed 86% of executives believe culture is important and 50% of companies surveyed are attempting to change their culture in response to shifting talent markets and increased competition.

Creating a positive and engaging work environment is now a top priority for employers because if employees are not experiencing a great workplace culture, they’ll look for other opportunities. Since joining Ceridian, Executive Vice President and Chief People Officer, Lisa Sterling, has lead the charge in transforming the culture to help make Ceridian a top employer of choice for candidates and existing employees. From instilling changes to employee recognition programs to shortening the duration of time between manager and employee performance conversations, her initiatives have positively impacted Ceridian’s employer brand.

“Company culture is a major part of the employer brand, which organizations must fully leverage to attract, retain, and engage their team members,” says Sterling. “Many organizations have come to realize this and are attempting to transform their culture in order to drive employee performance and business success.”

In today’s work of work, even with a dynamic culture in place, employers are still faced with the threat of losing their top talent. In Ceridian’s 2016 Pulse of Talent: Driving Culture in the World of Now, 74% of Gen Y and 45% of Gen X North American employees surveyed plan on spending fewer than five years with their current employer. Employers need to demonstrate just how their work culture stands out from the next organization and showcase what makes their culture so unique to retain top talent from leaving.

Recognition Fuels Engagement

Recently Ceridian announced the 2016 President’s Club winners. President’s Club is Ceridian’s own recognition program that awards individuals for all their hard work, efforts, and contributions over the past year. Celine was recognized as the winner for the marketing team. Her reward – a trip to Cabo San Lucas.

“Ceridian is such a great place to work. It’s great to know that management recognizes and appreciates all your efforts,” Celine said, “they motive you to achieve more and with recognition programs like this, it’s such a great way to create and promote a positive workplace environment.”

Recognition programs, such as Ceridian’s President’s Club, help drive a higher level of employee engagement, and studies do show this. From the Pulse of Talent study, North American respondents consider recognition programs to be one of the top three HR initiatives that influence workplace culture.

As culture is now becoming a key factor in the decision making process for prospective candidates, it’s imperative that you can showcase your secret recipe in place. Potential candidates want to see and learn more about your workplace culture, so make a good impression. Highlight what makes your workplace culture so special and unique. If you have recognition programs in place, talk about the success stories and recent winners. Remember, this is an employer’s time to shine.

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