December 22, 2017

Gender equality, employee experience and HCM compliance: The top posts of 2017

It’s clear from both the headlines and Ceridian blog activity: HCM professionals are focusing on a holistic and integrated employee experience, and working towards innovative ways to bring it to life. We’ll see this continue to trend in 2018, with greater use of AI technology and analytics, and a greater focus on the employee lifecycle as a whole.

Other hot topics? Gender equality and diversity at work, and culture. More than simply talking about these issues, however, HCM professionals are looking for actionable things they can do now.

Here’s a look at some of this year’s hot topics, according to our top-viewed posts this year.

Equality, diversity and inclusion

With gender equality, diversity and inclusion being hot topics this year, two of our top-viewed posts, from our VP People Academy Lisa Bull, addressed sponsorship and bias.

This post, a Q&A with #GoSponsorHer founders Megan Anderson and Laura McGee, explains the differences between sponsorship and mentorship, and shares the impact of sponsorship on young professional women.

This post focuses particularly on bias and how employers can bring more awareness to diversity and inclusion issues at work. Much attention has been paid to the study of bias (both conscious and unconscious) in the workplace, and many HCM leaders, including our own, predict that AI technology will play a larger role in removing unconscious bias in the recruiting and hiring processes in 2018.

Evolving the employee experience

Leading organizations are prioritizing creating an integrated employee experience to retain top performers, boost engagement and positively impact the business bottom line. In particular, there has been an increased focus on providing learning opportunities as part of the employee lifecycle. This post, which references tips from Ceridian’s 2017 Pulse of Talent, highlights the need to update the traditional learning infrastructure to make learning part of the ongoing employee experience.

With the very nature of work changing due to innovation, digitization and work-life blending (more on that in a minute), the idea of total rewards programs (versus simply compensation) as part of the employee experience makes sense for the future of work. Our Chief People Officer Lisa Sterling dove into the ins and outs of creating a total rewards program and the benefits of taking a broader view to rewarding employees, here.

And speaking of work-life blending, our VP Employee Experience Deb LaMere provided three strategies for employers to support employees being their best both at work and at home in this post. With a differentiated employee experience being a stand-out factor in attracting top talent, it’s important for recruiters to communicate that effectively, and to the right people, in their recruiting pitch (tips here).

Culture clash

A strong culture is key to a successful organization. But what happens if an employee isn’t a good fit? Deb LaMere and Allianz Life Insurance Company’s Tracy Bruckschen discussed strategies to avoid a bad hire in a webinar. These strategies, plus the financial cost and intangible costs (like reputation and morale) of hiring an unsuitable employee, are covered here.

Great co-workers are contributors to a great culture, and positivity at work. In fact, Ceridian’s 2017 Pulse of Talent found that nearly half (47%) of respondents from across the U.S. and Canada listed co-workers among a host of reasons they choose to stay at their current employer. Negative co-workers, then, can make work unbearable. This top-read post suggests ways for managers to handle negative attitudes and difficult conversations. The big takeaway? Be positive and solutions-driven.

The right side of compliance

With the flurry of compliance changes in 2017, such as new tax reform legislation and new overtime rules, there is much for employers and HCM professionals to be aware of in the coming year.

Our well-read post, The top HCM compliance issues to watch in 2018, from Ceridian’s Product Compliance team, outlines key compliance developments HCM professionals should anticipate in 2018. HCM professionals were also interested in taking appropriate precautions to celebrate the end of the year free from HR mishaps at the company holiday party. This post, from Stuart Ducoffe at e2r solutions, provides tips to prepare for a safe and successful event.

Danielle Ng-See-Quan

Dani is the Managing Editor, Content Marketing at Ceridian.

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