October 9, 2018

What do job seekers want to know most about your company?

When researching prospective employers, job seekers have a wealth of information available at their fingertips. Here, key findings from Ceridian’s new report about what they want to know, and where they’re looking.

Talking about salary was once considered taboo – but in today’s world of work, salary information is what job seekers want to know most.

Ceridian’s new report in partnership with Hanover Research explores the optimal recruiting experience, and the factors that drive a successful recruiting strategy. The report found that in a world where technology makes information available at our fingertips, candidates are hungriest for salary information.

In fact, 69% of survey respondents cited salary as the top piece of information they look for when doing research online. This is followed by job location (45%) and information on work-life balance (36%), in line with the factors that influence candidates to say “yes” to offers.

Read more about the information job-seeker search for most – download The optimal recruiting experience

What else do candidates want to know?

The report also found that information about benefits, growth opportunities, and company reputation is important to job candidates.

These findings are truly reflective of today’s workforce needs. We wrote earlier about the new model for attracting and retaining employees – enticing them to “re-subscribe” to your organization by giving them opportunities to grow, and providing perks, recognition, and rewards.

Progressive employers are also responding to changing employee expectations by thinking about compensation differently, and evolving their strategies to be more creative and include non-monetary factors such as development opportunities.

What grabs candidates’ attention?

While we previously noted that employees consider word of mouth most important when learning about prospective employers, they’re also looking online. The information available to them has a significant impact on their next steps with a prospective employer.

Interestingly, Ceridian’s report found that nearly half of the respondents surveyed who were contacted by a recruiter were not actively searching for a job at the time – but the prospective employer’s reputation played a role in engaging 33% of individuals in a recruitment discussion.

Nearly half of respondents who responded to recruiters also noted that there was something in the recruiter’s message that caught their attention. These findings reinforce the importance of having a strong employer brand, which we covered in the previous post.

Where are job-seekers doing their research? Download the full report to learn more

Danielle Ng-See-Quan

Dani is the Senior Manager, Content Marketing at Ceridian.

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