May 21, 2020

COVID-19 related webinars and events

Webinar: COVID-19 labor issues: Canada and U.S. perspectives

June 1, 2020, 1:00 p.m. ET

With the coronavirus pandemic (COVID-19), the United States and Canada have responded with temporary paid and unpaid leave (employee and parental) requirements, job sharing and other job protection measures, and employer credits or subsidies when offering paid leave. As we look to the future workplace, payroll departments must be prepared.

In this webinar, presenters from the Canadian Payroll Association, Canada Employment Insurance Commission, American Payroll Association, and U.S. Department of Labor will share their insights on relief efforts, explaining the different roles of national and local governments, employer response to legislation, considerations for employees returning to work, and payroll impacts.

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Helping your workforce thrive when uncertainty is the new normal

June 2, 2020, 2:00 p.m. ET

Join Jarrett Jedlicka, Vice President & Principal, Industry Advisory – Healthcare at Ceridian, in this webinar on June to hear how companies can build stronger, more resilient workforce to thrive under uncertainty, right now and in the future

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WEBINAR RECORDING: Lessons of the pandemic: Building organizational resilience

This pandemic has demonstrated just how brittle our society is. A tiny virus has drastically upset our lives, our economies, and our societies. In a time like this, resilience, the ability to adapt and bounce back, will be one of the most important characteristics that will help us recover.

But how do we design our organizations for resilience?

In this presentation, Josh Bersin discusses the four key factors in building organizational resilience and workforce agility: distributed control, real-time data, empathetic leaders, and a cohesive workplace culture. His presentation includes anecdotes and examples from the many conversations he’s had with global HR leaders as they grapple with current challenges and plan for the weeks and months ahead.

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WEBINAR RECORDING: Managing U.S. compliance during the COVID-19 pandemic

Managing employer compliance with U.S. legislative requirements is becoming increasingly difficult amid the COVID-19 pandemic as ongoing changes are made by government organizations.

To help you stay on top of it all, Ceridian has partnered with Fisher Phillips’ labor and employment law experts Andria Ryan and Hagood Tighe, to bring you the latest changes to employer-related legislative issues.

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WEBINAR RECORDING: Using Dayforce to manage through COVID-19 and beyond

In a few short weeks, employers across the globe have dramatically changed their HR and business practices in response to COVID-19. Over that time, we’ve heard from many Ceridian customers about the innovative ways they’re using Dayforce to adjust to this new world of work. Whether it’s tracking employees’ health, reallocating resources, or ensuring they’re effectively communicating with and engaging their employees, Ceridian customers are demonstrating innovation, resourcefulness, and resilience in light of a large global crisis.

In this webinar, you’ll hear from HR and business continuity leaders at Buehler’s Fresh Foods, Danone North America, and Ceridian on how they’re using Dayforce to manage through this change.

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WEBINAR RECORDING: Connecting the Dots for Retail and Hospitality: Legal and Safety Ramifications of COVID-19

With Stephen Barth, attorney and professor specializing in hospitality law and leadership, and founder of

As the Coronavirus continues to impact the United States, retail and hospitality operators are mindful of its legal and safety implications. But how do you prepare? Join Ceridian’s John Orr, SVP Retail, and a panel of legal and safety thought leaders for an interactive, deep-dive discussion on steps you can take to more effectively manage the potential impact of the virus on your employees, customers, and business premises.

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WEBINAR RECORDING: The layoff alternative: How shared sacrifice can save your business (and your culture)

In a span of mere weeks, organizations around the globe are facing difficult decisions, even layoffs as an instantaneous way to cut costs. What if there was a better way? Watch this webinar to hear Ceridian’s Danny Smith, VP Industry Advisory – Manufacturing along with Matt Whiat, Co-Founding Partner and Sara Hannah, Managing Partner at Chapman & Co. Leadership Institute, as they discuss how shared sacrifice allows you to retain your top talent, maintain customer service, preserve industry knowledge and recover faster. Learn alternatives to cutting jobs and how shared sacrifice could help your organization.

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WEBINAR RECORDING: COVID-19: Mental Health Implications

Watch as Leagh Turner, President and Chief Operating Officer of Ceridian, moderates an expert panel to discuss the mental health implications of COVID-19. The panel explored how the fluidity of news, "social distancing," stress and uncertainty, lay-offs, the sudden move to both working and studying remotely are impacting workplaces, households, and individuals. Get tips about how organizations can support employees’ mental health, productivity, and team dynamics.

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WEBINAR RECORDING: Planning and Preparing for Emerging Workplace Issues Post COVID-19

The last few weeks has been anything but “business as usual” for companies across the globe. Watch this recorded webinar to hear from behavioral health expert Barbara Veder as she describes the stages that employees and organizations will go through in response to the COVID-19 outbreak. She covers how to help employees and managers cope, predictions for what a new “status quo” will look like, and guidance for how to prepare. With a good understanding of the potential challenges and a plan for managing through them, your organization can not only survive through this challenging time, but thrive.

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WEBINAR RECORDING: Leveraging Dayforce to support and engage your workforce during the COVID-19 pandemic

During challenging times such as the COVID-19 pandemic, organizations need to help ensure the safety of their employees while maintaining critical business operations. Dayforce can help employers better understand risk to their employees and operations, as well as help to maintain fast and accurate communication with employees. Learn how you can maximize the use of Dayforce during this critical time with new functionality that will specifically help monitor the safety of your employees during the COVID-19 outbreak.

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WEBINAR RECORDING: Ceridian’s COVID-19 Business Continuity Response

Many Ceridian customers are asking what Ceridian is doing from a business continuity management perspective to ensure we are able to continue to support our customers through challenging times like what we’re seeing unfold with COVID-19.

In this webinar, Ceridian’s Chairman and CEO, David Ossip, as well as our Business Continuity team provided insight into our business continuity plans and practices that are already in place, and answered your questions around what Ceridian is doing to ensure continuity of critical business processes.

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WEBINAR RECORDING: Effectively engaging and caring for your workforce during a crisis

Hear from Jarrett Jedlicka, Vice President & Principal, Industry Advisory – Healthcare at Ceridian, as he explores how organizations can support employee wellness and engagement during times of crisis.

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