November 23, 2017

Three ways to deliver a stand-out recruiting pitch

Most organizations today already have a fairly well established procedure in place for recruiting. They know how to find candidates, engage with them, conduct interviews, make job offers and so on. If you’re working for a large enough employer and you’ve handled this procedure enough times, you become fairly set in your ways.


Recruiting has increasingly become a critical role to organizations in a competitive and disruptive landscape. Leading organizations have realized to stand out from the noise, attracting the best and brightest talent requires evolving recruitment tactics for a new generation.


There’s a great deal of data out there about how people today want to be recruited by potential employers. Smart recruiters know what talent wants, understanding their motivations and aspirations beyond simply fulfilling a checklist of required skills in a job posting. Talent today also begin their job searches in a number of different ways, including exploring on line social networks, company websites and word of mouth referrals. Use this knowledge to differentiate yourself as an employer during the recruiting process.


Here are three ideas for delivering the recruiting pitch that candidates really want:


1. Leverage employees as ambassadors

According to LinkedIn’s 2017 Global Talent Trends report, 48% of companies said that employee referrals are their top channel for quality hires. Further, in LinkedIn’s previous year’s talent report, 21% of people who had recently changed jobs first heard about their new job through someone they know at the company.


Empower your employees to recruit top talent. For example, incentivize them to spread the word to their networks. Satisfied employees are the most authentic company advocates, and no one has a better pulse on culture, or cultural fit, than existing employees.


2. Get clear on your employer brand

Eighty percent of talent leaders agree that employer brand has a significant impact on their ability to hire great talent, according to LinkedIn’s Global Talent Trends 2017 report. A strong employer brand is critical to attracting top talent, so get clear on yours. Remember that your employer brand isn’t the same as your corporate brand, but the two are closely related. Beyond simply stating company values and goals, communicate how they come to life within the organization, and how employees’ work contributes to the organization’s business goals.


Candidates today look at all facets of a company when considering making a move, and they want to know more than simply salary and benefits. How do you show up in the marketplace? What’s it like to work at your company? What are the unique attributes of your organization? How does your employer brand extend to the candidate experience, such as the application and interview process?


Candidates also spend a lot of time researching companies before first contact, so be prepared to answer questions related to anything from Glassdoor reviews to news stories to social channels. Consider ways you can build and bolster your employer brand with authentic content – leverage employee testimonials, for example, or culture-related content in your careers section.


3. Personalize the experience

Just as customers look for personalized and tailored experiences in the world of retail, so too does the talent pool in the world of work. Look at your candidates like humans – a one-size-fits all cold email doesn’t work anymore.


Nothing says “spam” like a message without the candidate’s name or incorrect salutation. If they posted an insightful blog or shared social media content that resonated with you, make sure you reference it. Your message should be concise and hit all the important points – the specifics of the role available, why they’re a good fit and what kind of salary and perks they can expect.


Your interaction is a two-way street. During the interview process, while you may want to ask the candidate a lot of questions, they should also be able to turn around and ask you anything about the position and the company as a whole. The best interviews are educational for everyone.


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