May 25, 2023

Drive workforce productivity and engagement with Dayforce Career Explorer and Burnout Dashboard

Leaders are facing pressure to do more with less. Ceridian has two upcoming product releases that can help organizations boost productivity and support their people to perform at their best.

Organizations are facing increased pressure to meet performance goals in a complex economic environment. At the same time, many leaders are looking for ways to boost efficiency and productivity, doing more with the same resources. That means leaders need to ensure they’re not only retaining top talent, but also getting the best work from their people.


Simultaneously, employees are facing challenges of their own trying to meet employer expectations. Ceridian’s 2023 Pulse of Talent study of 8,800 global workers found 90% of respondents felt stuck in their role at some point over the past year, with one-third saying they felt that way often or always. Additionally, the same study found 87% of respondents reported experiencing symptoms of burnout.


What all of this means is workers aren’t currently able to give employers their best work, and it’s likely affecting performance and productivity. Ceridian has two new product releases aimed at helping organizations address these challenges to inspire and empower their people to do their best work.


Empower your people to navigate their careers with Dayforce Career Explorer


Organizations have an opportunity to improve retention and productivity through internal talent mobility, which is what Dayforce Career Explorer delivers. This new product is designed to help your organization facilitate career advancement, career exploration, and skills development. It helps increase internal mobility by leveraging the skills employees have to help them find new opportunities within the organization.


Dayforce Career Explorer is assisted by machine learning that learns from employee goals and interests to build personal career plans. Another stand-out feature includes notifications and progress tracking to help your employees stay up to date with their development plans.



Dayforce Career Explorer has a mobile-first user interface, allowing employers to put career planning right in the hands of their employees, with a progress tracking feature to help employees stay on top of their goals. Wherever they are, Dayforce Career Explorer can help employees find new opportunities to grow and re-invigorate their careers without leaving the organization, helping to directly improve your company’s performance and increase employee retention.


Get ahead of employee burnout with Burnout Dashboard


Dayforce has a built-in burnout indicator that uses data from across our HCM platform. This tool helps managers by providing a comprehensive view across an organization with built-in tips on how to reduce burnout, which can help companies improve employee morale, reduce turnover, and lower operating expenses. This is important because many professionals have linked burnout to voluntary employee turnover. And according to Psychology Today, burnout is estimated to cost U.S. organizations between $150 to $350 billion annually.



Our detailed Burnout Dashboard features an organization-wide view of burnout trends, details on how exhaustion and efficacy are contributing to burnout, and the ability to pinpoint specific issues by department or location, to help organizations make critical data-driven decisions.


Our Burnout Dashboard also allows you to help measure how effective your new burnout strategies are. By seeing when employees are trending toward burnout, leaders can better explore options such as changing their role, leader, responsibilities, or organization. Internal mobility can be a way to retain an employee that has burned out in their role.


Read more about how your organization can address burnout symptoms

Brittany Schmaling

A gifted storyteller, Brittany has a wealth of experience making sense of volumes of data to help business leaders solve real world people problems. She holds a Masters in Industrial Organizational Psychology and an ACC credential from the International Coaching Federation. Currently, Brittany combs through millions of employee datapoints collected through Dayforce, Ceridian’s always-on people platform, to create easily digestible and actionable insights to drive quantifiable business value.

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Somen Mondal

Somen Mondal leads the Talent Intelligence team at Ceridian. A serial entrepreneur, he is the former CEO and co-founder of talent-screening system Ideal, which was acquired by Ceridian in 2021. Somen’s professional accolades include spots on both the Profit Hot 50 and Deloitte Fast 50 lists. He was also EY Entrepreneur of the Year in 2012. 

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