October 2, 2018

Key tips for achieving customer success

Great customer experience is about helping customers achieve their desired outcomes, and this requires investing in customer success. On #CXDay, our Chief Revenue Officer Ted Malley shares our top tips for achieving customer success.

Last year on CX Day, we wrote about how customer experience is being redefined, moving from a largely transactional and one-sided relationship between customers and businesses to one that is engaging, on-going, and drives customer business outcomes. Customer experience is driving the market, and this is true whether you’re a B2C company or a B2B company like us.

We also noted that from our perspective, we want our customers to have a positive interaction at every touchpoint with our company, whether it is human or digital. For this year’s CX Day, we want to expand on one of our top tips for delivering a winning customer experience: investing in customer success.

The fundamental end-goal for customer experience is really to help customers achieve their desired outcomes, that is, enabling your customers to maximize the benefits of their investment – both time and money – with you. However, we recognize that a leading customer experience goes beyond achieving business results, and encompasses relationships at all levels within the customer’s organization.

Technology certainly helps our customers move faster, gain deeper insights, and achieve efficiencies across their entire employee lifecycle, but we believe that investing in customer success goes far beyond technology. This is the lens through which we design our customer experience. We invest in understanding who our customers are, how they define success, and commit to their success at every stage, through every interaction. 

Ceridian was recently recognized as a leader in HCM customer experience, and we continue to invest in transforming our CX to help our customers achieve success. From our experience, here are our top tips.

Gather data to understand your customers

This seems like a no-brainer, but it’s surprising how many experiences are designed without a deep understanding of the customers they’re meant to serve. We continuously review data from our customers to uncover opportunities for improvement, and understand how we can best apply those insights to our end-to-end experience.

Through the process, ask key questions. Who are your customers and what are their needs at different stages of their journey with you? What does success look like for them? Tip – use segmentation and role-based profiles and personas to ensure you’re designing differentiated experiences accordingly.

Establish guiding principles

Our belief is that transforming customer experience is less about fixing tools and processes, and more about designing towards the ideal experience. It’s critical at the outset to establish guiding principles that will keep you on track. How will you bring data and facts together with your customers’ emotional needs? What level of personalization will you pursue? How will you ensure that you’re taking a holistic approach to designing the experience?

Establish a team responsible and accountable for customer success

Think for a moment about the ever-changing retail landscape. The retailers that have not survived or thrived are the ones who were continuously playing catch-up, being reactive instead of proactive with their customer experience.

The same thinking applies to here. If you’re simply reacting to your customers, you’re only managing their immediate and critical needs instead of engaging in a long-term, bigger picture relationship.

At Ceridian, we’ve invested in a dedicated Customer Success team. Customer Success Managers proactively engage with customers to help them achieve their desired outcomes, provide consultations at key milestones and ensures success at every stage of the journey from onboarding through to full adoption. They also maintain a very personalized relationship with customers, providing on-going opportunities for education, collaboration, and professional networking.

Create and leverage tools

We compiled our best practices into key tools that we use throughout the customer lifecycle. For example, a Success Assessment helps us understand our customers’ level readiness before onboarding, so that we can make customized recommendations for success and adapt the customer journey appropriately.

Our Success Checklist captures the best practices necessary for success, by stage, and progress is reported out to the team and stakeholders regularly.  The tasks and success criteria will be different for every organization. For example, they could range from higher customer satisfaction and NPS scores and greater self-sufficiency to improved usage and adoption.

Develop relationships and build a platform

This is the real accelerator of experience. Providing both functional and emotional benefits to the end user is a best practice for leading brands. Just as we continually invest in improving and innovating with technology, we make major investments in our customer relationships by providing a platform for their growth and success. This includes opportunities for thought leadership and public speaking, educational articles related to changing legislation and HCM trends, a robust community for engagement, mentorship and learning, an awards program, and our annual customer conference, INSIGHTS.


Check out some of our Customer Stories here, and join the #CXDay conversation with us on Twitter. Happy CX Day!

Ted Malley

Ted is Ceridian's HCM Evangelist. He was previously Chief Revenue Officer and EVP, Chief Customer Officer, responsible for the health and happiness of Ceridian's growing customer base through its XOXO Customer Success Program. 

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