May 5, 2017

Kentucky House Bill 378 (the Act)

Background on the Final Rule and Details of the Change:

Kentucky recently enacted requirements regarding earning statements and pay cards.

Employers with 10+ employees must provide individual earnings statements that include:

  • The amount of each deduction
  • The general purpose for each deduction

Employers may provide earnings statements electronically or on paper. If earnings statements are provided electronically, employees must have access to a computer at work to view them. Employers may not charge employees for activation fees on wages paid via debit card.

General Impact to Employers:

Earnings statements must allow space for employers to label and describe deductions from pay. Because the earnings statement is highly configurable, clients are responsible for understanding the earning statement requirements applicable to their operating locations and determine the best language and placement of required information, especially with regard to deductions from pay. Clients using paycards as a form of wage payment are responsible for ensuring their practices comply with earnings statement requirements applicable to their operating locations, especially with regard to activation fees.

For more information please reference:

Kentucky Earnings Statements

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