May 1, 2017

5 Ways Small Business Owners Can Set Up For Success This Spring (and beyond)

Many of the small business owners I talk to use spring as an opportunity to take stock of what’s working, what’s not, and what can they invest in to take the business to the next level. It’s also a time when many of us start thinking about how to balance a need to grow the business with a desire to spend more time outside with the family.

When I ask our customers to tell me what they love about being a business owner, it’s often about meeting new people, being hands-on in their business, and having a real passion for what they do. When I ask them to tell me about what they don’t like, it’s typically about the administrative tasks that come with running a business. You probably don’t have an HR or Payroll department – in all likelihood you ARE the HR and Payroll department. You don’t have a recruiting team – you ARE the recruiter.

That’s why we’re dedicated to finding ways to make paying your staff easier. We built Powerpay so small business owners like you can focus on the things that are most important to building a great business and so you can spend more time doing what you love.

  • Scenario #1, Run Payroll from Anywhere – It’s Friday afternoon, the sun is shining and you’re on your way to the cottage but you have to submit your payroll? Got you covered.
  • Scenario #2, Fast, Accurate Payroll – You’re not a payroll expert and you heard there’s a new overtime rule. Leave it to us.
  • Scenario #3, Ease of Use – You’re hiring 5 new part-time employees to get ramped up for a big spring sidewalk sale and you need to set them up on your payroll by Saturday? Okay!
  • Scenario #4, Saving You Time – It’s almost lunchtime at the daycare and you have 5 minutes to run your payroll before 30 hungry children rush through those doors. No problem.
  • Scenario #5, Managed Solutions – You’re so busy that you don’t have a spare minute to process your payroll. You need to focus on growing your business. We understand that too.

For any season and any situation, spring is a great time to start thinking about what matters most to you and your business. Imagine how you can reinvest the extra time you’ll gain by using Powerpay – acquiring new customers, enjoying some quality time with family or reconnecting with friends on the first tee.

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Aileen Daosavanh

Aileen Daosavanh, a Senior SMB Marketer at Ceridian, is passionate about the inner workings of small to midsized businesses. She provides small to mid-sized businesses with concrete Human Capital Management tips to help reach their goals.

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