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It takes smart technology to transform the public sector workforce for today’s world

The right people working efficiently to drive better citizen outcomes – now that’s intelligence at work

Pressure is mounting for the public sector to do more with less. Citizens have higher expectations and more complex needs. Lagging technology investment is catching up with organizations in the form of workforce inefficiency. And the private sector is winning the war for the next generation of talent. Today’s public sector organizations need modern technologies that can learn, adapt, and evolve to whatever the future holds.

Increase productivity and efficiency

Drive better citizen outcomes with a more efficient and productive workforce bolstered by modern technology. Make better hiring decisions and plan labor more accurately with access to real-time workforce data. Reduce the administrative burden on people managers so they can focus on developing and engaging employees.

Support data security through automation

Improve security practices to help safeguard sensitive personal data and classified information. Technology can help you manage compliance with internal policies, union rules, and complex regulations. This provides increased visibility and greater accuracy, while facilitating training to improve compliance across the organisation.

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Compete for, and retain, the best talent

Modernize your workplace and your team with technology that increases efficiency and appeals to the next generation of the workforce. Create a culture of continuous learning to attract top talent, and keep them engaged with opportunities to grow and build exciting careers grounded in community service.

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Dayforce can help public sector organisations modernise for a digital world

Today’s public sector workforce needs the right technology to work efficiently and meet the evolving needs of citizens. Dayforce can help organisations simplify compliance, streamline talent acquisition, and optimise efficiency to refocus the workforce onto higher-value citizen outcomes.

Pay your people accurately and on time

Leverage a unified platform that offers continuously calculated, real-time results, keeping your data up-to-date and accurate.

Deliver higher-value outcomes with a modern platform

Spend less time doing manual administrative work and refocus efforts on strategic efforts.

Leverage technology to facilitate better decision making

Make more cost-effective labor decisions and optimize workforce planning using the right technology.

Simplify the hiring process

Attract the right candidates, including next generation talent, through modern tools and processes.

Get a pulse on your people

Engage employees by continuously collecting and measuring feedback to build strategies that boost retention and morale.

Gain peace-of-mind data security

Rely on an established data security and privacy program, aligned to ISO standards, to help address your data protection needs.

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Gain insight into how to optimise your workforce as you build for the future.

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