Key workforce management issues affecting the retail and hospitality industries

Leverage technologies and best practices to boost efficiency and effectiveness

The Retail and Hospitality (R&H) industries touch nearly every person on the planet. These organizations rely on a host of talented workers from a variety of backgrounds to burnish those brands and stay successful.
Business leaders are, therefore, under tremendous pressure to manage their workforces well, and this can be especially challenging in R&H industries. To gain a better understanding of the workforce management issues faced by these industries, partnered with Ceridian to investigate the following areas:

  • Key workforce management challenges affecting large R&H companies (that is, those with 1,000 or more employees)
  • Organizational readiness for legislative changes and government audits
  • Operational planning and forecasting readiness
  • The delivery and management of key metrics
  • Technology deployments and how they can help meet key challenges


Download the report to learn about the state of workforce management for large retail companies. 

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