Human capital management trends 2019

The Ceridian Market Perspectives report identifies the 10 biggest trends of 2019, and explores how they will affect companies in their journey towards a new age of HCM

How the trends were selected

These trends were chosen based on continued market monitoring by the Market Intelligence (MI) team, including interviews and surveys of Ceridian’s customers, interviews with Ceridian subject matter experts, discussions at major HR technology conferences, interactions with leading industry analyst organizations, coverage of major industry developments, and analysis of the HR technology landscape.


A preview of the top HCM trends of 2019



Trend: The evolution of talent matching

The process of matching candidates to jobs will become more refined, thanks to innovative use of technologies like chatbots and predictive analytics. In the future, and supported by the cloud and machine learning, talent matching could evolve into a global talent marketplace.


Trend: Consumerizing the employee experience

In the age of instant gratification, HR must provide employees an experience at work that is comparable to their experience as consumers. From a process and technology perspective, HR leaders need to prioritize creating experiences that are personalized, integrated, and accessible.


Trend: AI in HR

Instead of simply pursuing “the next big thing,” HR practitioners’ approach to AI is maturing, and they will further draw upon its potential to dramatically improve HR effectiveness. HR leaders will also begin addressing the challenges that come with AI adoption and integration.



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