2022 Pulse of Talent: Attracting and retaining talent in New Zealand today

Winning top talent in New Zealand takes more than pay

Ceridian’s 2022 Pulse of Talent survey reveals that in New Zealand today, 66% of respondents are a flight risk, with 39% open to the right opportunity and 27% actively looking. While pay continues to be a top motivator to leave, there’s more to the long-term employee retention story than high salaries.

From our 478 survey respondents in New Zealand, we see that a complex set of drivers influences employee career decisions. This is a big opportunity for New Zealander employers, if they are willing to change the way they think about attracting and retaining employees.


In our 2022 Pulse of Talent spotlight on New Zealand, you will learn:

  • How New Zealander workers today feel about their employers and workplaces
  • Three areas of opportunity to improve long-term employee retention
  • Five action items for winning the war for talent in New Zealand
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