Workforce Management

Empower and retain your front-line workers through fair and flexible rosters

Enabling agile operations

Dayforce Workforce Management empowers your frontline employees with roster flexibility and a consumer-like experience, all while providing real-time workforce intelligence to your managers.

Increase employee engagement, wellness,
and retention

Attract and retain your workers

Build rosters that accommodate your people to become an employer of choice.

Prioritise workforce well-being

Help prevent burnout by ensuring adequate rest and balanced workloads, all while promoting financial wellness through on-demand pay.

Provide an engaging experience

Engage employees with Dayforce Assistant, an easy-to-use, self-service technology with intelligent voice and chat.

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Improve operational intelligence and agility

Align labour to
business demand

Predict which people in your workforce have the skills you need to successfully meet demand.

Make data-driven
staffing decisions

Visualise staffing coverage challenges before they impact your people, production, or customer satisfaction.

Support evolving business models

Use flexible roster and pay rules to stay efficient as your business changes.

“People want to be understood, feel special, and be in control. By having Dayforce in the palm of my hand as an employee, all of those needs are met.”

Craig Anderson, Vice President of Operations
Prince Resorts


Drive labour cost-effectiveness

Dayforce Workforce Management helps you stick to your labour budget while keeping the employee experience in mind.

Location-based time

Timekeeping features like biometric timestamps and geofencing help track time worked anywhere.

Strategic rostering

Roster diverse teams with a mix of skills, experience, and pay rates.

Absence management

Find absence patterns and proactively address them, to prevent excessive overtime.

Simplify global compliance management

Photo illustration with two people using workforce management app

Simplify compliance in 60+ countries

Efficiently track employee skills, certifications, and labour laws to help you maintain compliance anywhere in the world.

Adhere to local and national labour laws

Keep up with the many, different fair rostering regulations to help ensure your people have ample time to rest, change shifts, and more.

Get support from a team of experts

Ceridian’s experts work in the background to monitor changing compliance needs, which helps us make necessary software changes proactively.

We drive real, measurable value for customers

Aquent takes care of its remote, global workforce

The global agency partners with Ceridian to manage its complex, widespread workforce.

David’s Bridal finds a match

By bringing three countries’ payrolls onto a single system, the wedding apparel retailer streamlines operations.

Danone North America supports wellness during the global health crisis

The company supports its people and the community during the pandemic.

Costa Coffee brews up Dayforce expansion

The coffee retailer partners with Ceridian to build the global infrastructure to scale its workforce.

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Frequently asked questions

Dayforce is a full-suite HCM solution that offers numerous workforce management modules in addition to other core HR aspects. Ceridian sells the Dayforce platform according to module – you purchase the functionality you need. Licensure and subsequent access encompass your entire organisation based on the primary contract. We sell workforce management software as an enterprise license or by user, giving you the flexibility you need. Contact a Ceridian expert to learn more about our pricing and licensing.

Modern workforce management software should help you find scheduling solutions and logistical clarity – two things that are exceedingly difficult with outdated systems. You can establish a use case for a new workforce management solution by drawing attention to hiccups, roadblocks, and frustrations with current time and attendance workflows. If you’d like concrete data comparisons, our Ceridian experts can help calculate return on investment (ROI) based on your current workforce management practices using our ROI tool.

Dayforce Workforce Management integrates multiple employee management features like Time & Attendance, Labor Planning, Scheduling, Absence Management, and Task Management. Using clocks that are synchronised organisation-wide and scheduling software with employee self-serve features, you can help ensure unified workforce management efforts.

Each Workforce Management module works in unison with a single rules engine supporting your efforts. Our workforce management software collects, organises, and distributes shift information and employee data, and it turns these figures into digestible reports. Dayforce offers users timecard reporting, scheduling budget guidelines, compliance risk assessments, and more.

Dayforce is an industry-agnostic solution, offering workforce management tools to organisations across the globe. Our workforce management system can assist retail businesses with planning for a fully staffed sales floor just as much as it can help long-term healthcare organisations handle overnight shifts. No matter what business you’re in, workforce management software can help simplify your scheduling efforts.

While workforce management software cannot ensure compliance, it can help equip you with tools and resources to monitor your own compliance. Dayforce helps users manage and reduce compliance risk with customisable modules and reports. With these features, you can take one step closer to abiding by fair scheduling regulations and avoid miscalculating overtime wages.

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