TeamRelate employee engagement software

A tool to better understand your people

Boost engagement with a deeper understanding of your team’s motivators and communication styles

Understand each other

Identify individual communication styles, how your people like to work, and what motivates them.

Track engagement in real time

See a real-time and ongoing view of your employee's engagement level with engagement check-ins.

Strengthen team interactions

Improve communication and trust by understanding team dynamics, and help managers personalize coaching.

Give personalised coaching

Using employee engagement software, managers can get suggestions in areas like motivating employees or managing conflict based on each employee's communication style. Practical, personalised coaching creates more meaningful interactions and supports development.

Screenshot of the Dayforce platform

Gain insights

Determine the profile for each of your employees based on their responses to the TeamRelate survey. TeamRelate assesses the communication styles and core convictions of your people so you can improve communication, trust, and engagement within your teams.

Get real-time sentiment

Employees can check in to the employee engagement software daily as a way to communicate how they're feeling. This helps track ongoing employee engagement and gives the rest of the team a real-time sense of how to engage with each other.