Learning management software

Develop skills, open minds

Create a culture of learning with continuous opportunities for employees to grow with learning management software


Make learning an interactive, engaging experience that becomes part of employees' daily routines.


Employees can take a self-directed approach to learning, deciding what, when and how they learn.


Accelerate your people's growth and build leaders from within by catering to individual learning styles.

Traditional learning

Get different formal training options to meet different learning styles, including eLearning, classroom and webinar courses. In learning management software,  employees are provided with content, tools and activities to keep on top of skills and regulations, and advance their career goals.

Social learning

When your employees learn from each other, your organisation gains the power of collective knowledge. Informal and on-demand, employees can create and share content in the learning management software, and get answers from their peers and subject matter experts. Learning directly from the source is quick, engaging, and fosters collaboration.


Tracking and compliance

Have complete visibility into a learner's progress within the learning management software, so you can make sure your employees meet their learning milestones. Dayforce also helps your organisation address compliance requirements with certification expiration alerts and extensive reporting capabilities.