Build an engaged workforce driven by a deeper understanding of your people

Collect employee feedback and build data-backed strategies to drive change, boost retention, and motivate your workforce

Employee engagement is a major challenge today – only 34% of employees are engaged at work. While turnover is an expensive consequence of failing to invest in engagement, the opportunity cost may be even greater: Companies with highly engaged workforces can see up to 147% higher earnings per share than their peers (Gallup). It takes more than a paycheck to engage today’s workers. Competition for talent is high, and five generations of workers are under one roof, each with different expectations.

Improve company culture

Give employees a voice with tools that allow them to share feedback. Turn insight into action to build a stronger culture. 

Reduce employee turnover

Empower managers with the right data to identify flight risks and engagement issues before you lose high-performing employees.

Heighten company performance

Gain a deeper understanding of what motivates your people and align their interests with company goals to drive results.  

Create surveys to understand your people

Dayforce makes it easy to create and administer engagement surveys by leveraging the system's built-in data. Work from templates and a question library for a faster, more streamlined set-up. Gather first-hand employee feedback any time you need it through quick pulse checks, or go deeper with quarterly or annual surveys. 

Give employees a voice to share feedback

Get meaningful insights every time by surveying the people who can give you the most valuable feedback – from a small group to your whole organisation. Dayforce promotes honest feedback and transparency through anonymised survey responses and provides employees with their own personal engagement score. 

Gain insights and take action

Make strategic decisions to improve engagement with the help of  interactive dashboards to identify trends and patterns. Understand employee comments through sentiment analysis to uncover critical issues. Tie engagement to performance goals to increase accountability for leaders and make engagement a core business priority.