Unified Time and Pay

Better rostering. Better payroll. A better employee experience.

Improve operational efficiency with a single cloud application that brings together payroll, time and attendance, and HR

Make payroll a breeze with time and payroll in a single application. That means one employee record and one user interface. With Dayforce HCM, payroll processing is on-time and more accurate throughout the payroll period. Net pay is automatically updated whenever a time or HR record is changed. Optimise your workforce strategy with real-time insights from your workforce data.

Cut processing time

Reduce payroll processing time significantly by having access to your payroll data throughout the pay period, so you can continuously work on payroll at your own pace. Review, edit, and authorise pay, with all pertinent timesheet data available from a single screen.

Improve accuracy

Increase the quality of your data by leveraging a system that unifies time and pay, helping to minimise errors and improve payroll accuracy. Drive cost savings in gross payroll by taking advantage of clock punches that calculate to the minute and validate against rosters for accuracy.

Keep your workforce informed

Let employees view and validate their rosters versus actual time worked, giving them ownership of their timesheets and providing the ability to address potential issues - all available via self-service on the web or mobile app.

Reduce compliance issues

Help reduce risk by automating and incorporating many legislative and statutory requirements, making it easier to comply with HR, payroll, and tax requirements. Set up warnings to flag labour costs such as overtime, helping managers stick to company budget guidelines.

“My first year here we had approximately 1,000 errors on our wage and tax report. Within one year of using Dayforce, we reduced that number to less than 10. Last year, we had less than five.”

Chrissi Steffani-Wardlow, Payroll Manager of Global Business Services at UL

The Value of Technology

How does technology create value in organisations? Hear leaders from the Denver Broncos, Costa Coffee, Marshall Health, Trident Seafoods, the Hanover Insurance Group, and 11 other companies talk about how they have leveraged Dayforce to transform their HR operations.


With payroll software that continuously calculates throughout the pay period, see how Dayforce transforms your payroll experience. For more information visit our Payroll page.

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Manage your workforce more effectively to help make your people happier and your business more successful. See how Dayforce helps make this happen. For more information visit our Workforce Management page.

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