May 31, 2023

Ceridian’s 2023 Global Volunteer Month

Ceridian marks the end of our first-ever Global Volunteer Month with thousands of volunteer hours, making an impact around the world.

In April, Ceridian celebrated Global Volunteer Month, a 30-day initiative dedicated to making an impact and contributing meaningfully in our communities. Our colleagues volunteered in many ways around the world, engaging in causes that matter to them the most. Volunteers had a variety of in-person or virtual activities to choose from, ranging from group activities, working with organisations, or creating their own community-focused experiences.

Over 1,200 employees participated throughout April, contributing an incredible 5,000 hours of volunteer time, and surpassing last year’s total of 3,000 hours.

This year, our “30 Ways in 30 Days” campaign encouraged people to see that there are countless ways to make a positive impact with creative and non-conventional volunteer ideas. Some of the activities included more than 60 park and neighborhood cleanups, packing hygiene kits for women's shelters, donating blood, virtual career mentoring, planting trees, creating kindness cards for seniors, and so much more.



On top of the coordinated programs, many employees took the initiative to organise their own volunteer activities for colleagues or to pursue independent activities, demonstrating their passion for making a positive difference. 

Since launching the inaugural initiative in 2022, what started as a one-week campaign has grown to be an entire month long due to popular demand and incredible engagement from employees. With 30 days to participate, more people were able to get involved, driving participation up by nearly 70%.

With Ceridian employees located in many parts of the world, Global Volunteer Month reached 12 different countries, driving meaningful impact worldwide:

  • Canada: In Toronto, employees volunteered for the Street Haven Women’s Shelter to pack and deliver over 1,000 hygiene kits and for Second Harvest Food Bank to sort food for redistribution.
  • India: Employees cleaned up Lalbagh Park in Bengaluru and Mansarovar Park in Noida.
  • Malaysia: In Selangor, employees visited a home for children with special needs, bringing donations of essentials for the organisation and spending time visiting with the children.
  • Mauritius: Employees gathered at Flic-En-Flac beach for a cleanup day.
  • Philippines: In Manila, employees helped deliver an environmental awareness program for 150 children with special needs at Cecilio Apostol Elementary School (CAES). This program used singing, dancing, and storytelling to highlight ecological challenges.
  • United States: In Atlanta, employees partnered with Village of Hope to assemble food bags for elementary school students who lack stable access to meals.
  • Many additional volunteer activities took place in these countries, along with Australia, Germany, New Zealand, Singapore, Vietnam, and the United Kingdom.

With both our people and organisation sharing a strong commitment to giving back, Ceridian continues incorporating volunteerism into our work-life culture year-round.

Volunteering is a part of who we are at Ceridian, and the successful completion of our first ever Global Volunteer Month displayed the strong enthusiasm, hard-work, and commitment of our people to give back and inspire change, while also having fun!

Shawna Weisberg

As the Executive Director of Ceridian Cares, Shawna is focused on embedding a culture of caring into all that we do at Ceridian. Prior to joining Ceridian, Shawna’s career spanned a range of Corporate Social Responsibility initiatives, including several years leading a national employee giving campaign for one of Canada’s largest banks, where she raised over $11 million annually for charities across Canada. She is also an accomplished artist and illustrator, whose artwork has appeared in magazines, packaging, retail stores, hospitals, and personal commissions.

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