2023 Executive Survey | Singapore

Conquering the workforce complexity crisis

Discover how your organisation can turn complexity into clarity

There’s a growing complexity crisis for today’s organisations. Ceridian’s 2023 Executive Survey findings reveal that it’s manifesting for employers in Singapore as a series of unexpected contradictions that hinder performance and productivity.

For example, 98% of the Singaporean leaders we surveyed said workforce challenges will hinder their organisation’s ability to achieve their goals. Yet, 77% of the same respondents expect their revenue growth to be strong or very strong in the year ahead.

Download our 2023 Executive Survey spotlight on Singapore to learn how to turn this optimism into action and get data-driven insights that will help you boost performance in today’s challenging environment.

You’ll learn:

  • Key workforce challenges organisations in Singapore are facing today – and how your organisation compares
  • The systems, strategies, and mindset you need to invest in to optimise your workforce’s potential
  • Steps you can take today to mobilise your workforce to accelerate productivity and performance
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