Time and attendance software

The evolution of time tracking

Get time and attendance software that validates data in real time for more accurate pay and better control over labor costs

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Improve accuracy

Validate schedules against employee punches in real-time. Automatically calculate gross payroll to better control labor costs.

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Optimize efficiency

Review and approve time, resolve errors, and compare actual vs budgeted labor costs in one place to save time and reduce effort.

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Reduce time loss

Record up-to-the-minute employee punches to help manage compliance, mitigate time loss, and reduce gross pay inaccuracies.

All timesheets in one place

From manual timesheet entries to clock punches, all logged time data is accessible from one place in time and attendance software and lets managers review and edit timesheet data from one screen. Get a clear view into your people's time worked, while saving money and helping to improve compliance.

Screenshot showing all timesheets in one place in Dayforce Time and Attendance module

Maintain compliance in real-time

Eliminate manual processes and reconciliation efforts. Dayforce time and attendance software calculates regulatory and local pay rules, as well as company-specific pay policies. The rules engine runs in real time, instantly flagging policy violations.

Screenshot with warnings demonstration real-time compliance in Dayforce Time and Attendance module

Visibility and accountability

Time and attendance software helps avoid surprises on payday by giving employees the ability to view and validate their scheduled versus actual time worked. With access to their timesheets and the ability to add comments, employees can take ownership of their timesheets and be responsible for addressing potential issues.

Screenshot of time and attendance visibility and accountability in Dayforce
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